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We are two photographers from two different shores, journeying through life and documenting the sights. Wander through our galleries and albums to get a taste of our work. Interested in purchasing some? Head on over to Smug Mug where you can order prints or custom objects. Looking for custom work? Contact us on social media or via email.

Two Photographers Blog

January 19
The Florida Keys Photo-a-Day Prompt: Island We went to the islands and the Florida Keys this past October. It was lovely.
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January 18
Compass, Melbourne Australia Photo-a-day Prompt: Parent\ When you're young, your parent provides you with guidance, setting your compass.
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January 17
Cherry Blossoms Photo-a-day Prompt: Quiver Just a quiver and a shake will send the petals flying. The fleeting beauty of the cherry blossom.
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January 16
Floating Mountains in the Bonneville Salt Flats Photo-a-Day Prompt: Light Light, Reflections, heat and water combine to make floating mountains in the desert.
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January 15
Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne Australia Photo-a-day prompt: Button Cute as a button!
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January 14
A rainy day along the Great Ocean Road Photo-a-day Prompt: Rainstorm From the bottom of the Gibson Steps, Great Ocean Road, Australia
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January 13
Questioning the wisdom of this endeavor Photo-a-day Prompt: Question Our dear friend and his dog on a ramble one morning.
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January 12
The Brooklyn Bridge Photo-a-Day Prompt: Calculator There are no calculators in this photo but I would like to think at least one was in use...
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